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Which is what makes Castle stand out in a genre that systematically enforces conformity. No show more effectively marries the well-paced procedural tidyness with a tone that is, at times, reminiscent of a network comedy. Much of this is thanks to the two leads. Bringing his trademark Mal Reynolds rapscallion wit to the streets of New York City, Nathan Fillion injects the Richard Castle character with enough charm to overcome what on paper could be a show-killing role. I can’t imagine any other actor on television pulling off a role that requires the character to be a clever, competent investigator, love interest, and bumbling fool simultaneously while remaining likable and sympathetic to the audience. His foil is Stana Katic, and while “tough New York City cop” is largely a thankless role (critically, at least), Katic’s Kate Beckett has developed into the central character in the narrative, and her tremendous chemistry with Fillion is unquestionably the series’ biggest selling point.
Castle winning “Fan Favorite Show of 2013” (X)